specialty sandwiches
specialty sandwiches


Our History

The owners of the Grinder came together to redefine the words "coffee shop" for people throughout Southern California. They came up with the Grinder Restaurant, a new style coffee shop that offers savory meals and attentive service at low prices.Everything about the original Grinder was a change from the early 1960's coffee shop, right down to the name. The founders wanted to focus on specialty hamburgers in their new coffee shop, with an emphasis on freshness. The elements of ground coffee, ground beef and freshness led to the name Grinder.

Our Menu

Blender's inventive spirit still draws him to the kitchen where he creates menu items tailored toward the health conscience public. In the 1990's we introduced the Buffalo Burger to our menu along with various ethnic foods such as Spicy Thai Pasta and Cajun Chicken. Today, the Grinder offers its customers everything from pepperjack cheese to a Special Grinder Sauce made with Dijon mustard, while maintaining items like our popular USDA Choice steak and freshly made onion strings.